GLOBAL FWN100™ Awards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



The FWN Global100™ Award crystal trophy

What is the Global FWN100™ Award™?

The Global FWN100™ Award is a strategy to execute FWN’s Mission—a Filipina woman leader in every sector of the global economy by 2020.

The "100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award™" is the ultimate showcase of the Filipino community’s most inspiring individuals in the private and public sectors, who exemplify innovation, mentorship, professionalism, gender empowerment and leadership.

We gather the awardees at the annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit to thank them for their contributions to society and inspire them to give back / pay forward  to the next generation Filipina leaders through the tools and programs of the Filipina Women's Network.

Every year, the Filipina Women's Network conducts a WORLDWIDE search for Filipina women accomplishing great work leaving a lasting Filipino global imprint through their work in communities, organizations and in their professional and industry sectors. 

The Global FWN100 Award™ is a dream with a meaningful purpose; a strategy to build FWN's Filipina community's talent pipeline—identify qualified leaders, to increase the odds that some Filipina women will rise to the "president or CEO" position in the private and public sectors worldwide. 

It is a campaign to inspire, inform, and advance Filipina women leaders, position Filipina women as economic and social contributors to the global economy. The Global FWN100™ awardees provide a critical pathway for successful women who care about advancement, achievement, and significance; influencing the Filipino world community’s future.

Awards are given annually in 7 categories. A description of the award categories can be found in the Nomination and Award Categories pages.

Once selected, FWN reserves the right to withdraw the Global FWN100™ Award designation if awardee has been deemed no longer in good standing with FWN and the community.


Who is eligible for nomination?

The 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award™ (Global FWN100™) Award is a "working award" and selection is open to Filipina women around the world who are currently and actively engaged in their communities, professions, industries and the organizations they work for or are in a volunteer capacity. We do not provide posthumous awards.

The Global FWN100™ Award recognizes leaders for actions, projects, campaigns, and/or policies that have a global impact and were conducted or championed within the immediate past 3-5 years of their nomination. It is important that these initiatives have demonstrable results and can be documented in the award nomination form submission. We are looking for initiatives that benefit or have benefitted their immediate organizations, industries or local communities 

To preserve the integrity of the Global FWN100™ Award, the organizations, individuals or communities who benefited from the actions of the nominee must be named within the nomination form submission.


I have a nominee who was selected for the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S.™ and world award. Can I still nominate her for the Global FWN100™?

Yes. Previous US FWN100™ and Global FWN100™ Awardees may be re-nominated every year if awardee has a demonstrated continuing influential work in her workplace AND local community. When selected the second time, awardee will receive the Continuing Influential Award. The third time awardee is selected, she will be inducted into the FWN Hall of Fame "Always Influential" and will no longer qualify for further nominations.

Self nominations are not accepted. References will be checked. 

Previous awardees are encouraged to nominate their fellow awardees either for the Continuing Influential or the Always Influential Global FWN100™ Award™. Selection will be based on how previous awardee has advanced the mission of the Filipina Women's Network (FWN) and supported its activities.

Before submitting a 2nd or 3rd nomination for a previous Global FWN100™ Awardee, determine actions the nominee has taken to further FWN's Mission. FWN is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

  1. Has nominee nominated other Filipina women in her geographic area for the Global FWN100™ Award? List the nominee names and year award received.
  2. Has nominee signed up as a FWN Femtor? If so, how many has she femtored? Indicate names of Femtees.
  3. Has nominee recommended Filipina women colleagues to join FWN? Indicate names of FWN members.
  4. Has nominee been a speaker and/or a facilitator at FWN events including the annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit? Indicate speaking topics. 
  5. Has nominee volunteered her time and/or donated resources to FWN as a board member and/or committee / task force chair/co-chair? Describe involvement. 
  6. Has nominee been a continuous FWN Member with dues current annually since she received her first award?
  7. What other demonstrated actions has nominee taken to support FWN and further FWN's Mission? Describe.

HOW is the “Nicole” Award different?

The “Nicole” award is designed to recognize a body of work, rather than a single initiative conducted in the immediate 3-5 years. This award honors a Filipina woman whose words, actions, and activism, inspire others to act and revolutionize society’s way of understanding traditional beliefs and customs thus leaving behind a Filipino global imprint.


Can I nominate more than one person on the same nomination form for a particular award?

No. All awards are designed to recognize the individual leader with responsibility for the activities or projects described in the nomination.

Please complete a separate nomination form for each nominee.


Can I nominate several qualified individuals for more than one award?

You may submit multiple nominations for outstanding women of Philippine ancestry from Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, and Europe.

35% of Awardees will be selected from the United States, 35% from the Philippines, and 30% from other countries.

Please complete a separate nomination form for each nominee.


What is the nomination process?

ONLY online Nominations are accepted at the official FWN Nomination site - or go to

Emailed nominations or sent via postal mail will be disqualified.

You need your nominee’s permission to nominate her for any of the award categories. It is your responsibility to explain to your nominee of the award requirements and signify her understanding.

You must answer all the questions to complete the nomination. Each nomination form will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. NOTE: the online nomination form does NOT allow you to save partial entries.

PARTIAL SUBMISSIONS will be disqualified so please be thoughtful and choose your words carefully, before submitting your nomination. Here's a process that has worked for others: prepare your nomination on a Word document then cut/paste on the online form's questions.

PLEASE take note—nomination information you submit may be used in FWN announcements and materials to publicize the nominee and the FWN Global100 Awards™ event at the Filipina Leadership Global Summit scheduled for October 19-22, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

Online nominations end 10 September 2017 at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time (hard deadline)


Can I mail or email my nominations to the FWN office?

No. Please do not mail or email your nominations, supporting materials or documents to FWN unless specifically requested by the Selection Committee. This will disqualify your nomination. 


Will I receive a copy of my nomination entry (as the nominator)?

Yes. Both Nominee and Nominator will automatically receive a copy of the online nomination entry, which is your confirmation that your nomination went through successfully.

When you hit “submit” at the end of the online nomination form, make sure you receive an acknowledgment message. 

Upon receipt of a copy of your nomination, please review your submission for accuracy and acknowledge the nomination.


Is there a cost to SUBMIT A NOMINATION?

There is no fee to submit a nomination.

We ask that you give care and full attention before you fill out the nomination form. The nomination host site records every submission.

FWN is a nonprofit volunteer organization and pays a fee to maintain the nomination site. Many hours are donated to process all online nominations to ensure that your nominee is given the due respect and consideration for the Global FWN100™ award selection.

Frivolous nominations will be deleted and this requires many volunteer hours for review. We appreciate your cooperation.


When will the Global FWN100™ winners be announced?

Are the Nominees published?

When selected, the nominees will be notified privately so they can be profiled in the publication of the FWN Magazine Global FWN100™ Souvenir Issue, allow for travel arrangements, time off from work, Filipina Leadership Global Summit registration, FWN membership and participation in the summit activities, sessions, and media conferences.

The FINAL Awardee complete list will be announced at the Gala Awards Dinner and Ceremony at the Filipina Leadership Global Summit on October 25-29, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. Go to for Full-Access summit registration.

We process all nominations submitted and approved. Nominees are published on the Global100™ Summit webpage as soon as complete nominations are received. The Nominee List is not the final awardee list.  We publish the nominations so that nominees and their nominators know that their entries have met our nomination standards and the public is aware of who have been nominated.

Keep checking the FWN Summit pages for FWN hotel special rates, airline discounts, visa requirements, optional pre-summit workshops and tours, and other logistical details. We update weekly and often times on a daily basis please go to

You can also sign up to receive Summit updates via email by joining FWN as a member at


Is there an awards ceremony and is there a cost to attend?

Yes, there's a gala awards ceremony dinner and is the highlight of the annual Filipina Leadership Summit. There is a cost to attend the Filipina Leadership Global Summit. The ceremony will be begin with a networking reception at 6:00 p.m., followed by the gala dinner, awards ceremony, and keynote address. We plan for entertainment / dancing after the gala awards.

We require awardees to attend the Filipina Leadership Global Summit, the annual gathering of Filipina women in diaspora. The summit is the ultimate opportunity fellow awardees from 2007 thru 2020; a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet fellow awardees, FWN Members and their colleagues from many countries gathering to exchange ideas and create possible futures of our Filipina global community in diaspora. Registrations are available at the Filipina Summit event registration page -  FWN members receive a discount as a benefit of membership. Lifetime FWN Members receive a super 30% discount to all FWN events.


  • All educational sessions and materials (Oct 26-28)
  • Roundtrip shuttle to off-site Learning Journeys
  • Meals as indicated on the day-to-day FLGS summit schedule
  • Welcome Salo Salo Soireé
  • Global FWN100™ Gala Awards Celebration and Dinner
  • Pre-summit workshops on Oct 25 and the FWN Niagara Falls All-Day Tour on Oct 29 are additional fees.

The ALL-Access Summit Pass (Oct 26-28) is discounted for FWN Members. Summit fees are higher if you do not utilize the FWN hotel room block (special discounted rates) at the Intercontinental Toronto Centre. Go to to take advantage of special airfares from Delta (5%-15% discount based on type of airfare) and Air Canada (10% discount based on type of airfare) and to reserve your hotel room at the Intercontinental Toronto Centre.

Individual tickets to the Global FWN100™ Gala Awards Dinner and Ceremony will be available for sale after we've determined that all awardees, FWN members, sponsors and VIP guests have been accommodated first. VIP tables are available for sale now. We do not guarantee that individual tickets purchased by one person will be seated together. Securing a paid table is your best guarantee of seating together.


  • Take your daughter (or a young Pinay) to the Filipina Summit and receive a 30% rebate on her registration. Rebate applied to credit card used during registration. Contact us if paying by check or wire transfer so we can give you an authorization code to deduct from your total registration amount.
  • Register as a GROUP (at the same time) and the 5th person's summit registration is complimentary.
  • Invite your 10 Filipina friends to join FWN and receive one complimentary summit registration.

Are Global100 Awards™ winners required to attend?

Yes. Global FWN100™ Awardees are required to attend the Filipina Leadership Global Summit. Their attendance completes the awarding process in inducting the awardees into the FWN Global100™ Honor Roll.

We ask the awardees to pay for their way to attend the summit. They are welcome to find a sponsor for their travel, hotel and summit registration expenses. FWN requires awardees to let FWN know their sponsor solicitations so FWN can appropriately acknowledge their sponsors and that the awardee's sponsors meet FWN's 501(c)(3) guidelines for sponsorship. Summit sponsors can designate awardee beneficiaries if they choose.  For current summit sponsors, go to

The 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Awards™ is a recognition working award, an important initiative of Pinay Power 2020. Attendance at the Filipina Leadership Summit is important because the Summit is the only place where all influential Filipina leaders can meet each other annually, to network, collaborate, build and expand the pipeline of future Filipina leaders through femtoring and business projects.

Imagine what 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World can do when they are all in one place working toward a shared vision! Many public and private partnerships have been developed, activated and collaborated through attendance at the Filipina Leadership Global Summit through the years.

If awardee is unable to attend the year she is selected, FWN will defer the award designation to the immediate following year only. A new nomination is required and nominee vetting is then activated after the two years have expired.


How do I become a member of the Filipina Women's Network?

To join FWN online, go to

We encourage Global FWN100 Awardees to join the special elite group of FWN Lifetime Members - Lifetime Member (individual) - $3,500.00 (USD): Never pay annual dues again. Enjoy a 30% lifetime discount to all FWN member events. For women of Philippine ancestry only. Membership is non-transferrable. Names posted on special website, listed annually on the FWN Magazine and FWN Member Booklet


What do award winners receive?

Award winners will receive a specially designed crystal trophy personalized with their name etched on the award. FWN officers will present their award during the ceremony at the Filipina Leadership Global Summit. They will also be recognized in a special souvenir issue of the FWN Magazine, which will be distributed at the Summit and published online.

In order to be published in the FWN Magazine souvenir issue, awardees have to answer the Time Capsule questions so FWN can accurately capture their correct information for publication. In addition, the Time Capsule is also the form for awardees to be included in the photo and video sessions and to sign up for speaking / facilitation opportunities at the Filipina Summit.

All the above are indicated on the congratulatory letter sent to each selected awardee with the required deadline dates..


What are the other awardee requirements?

Awardees are also required to nominate a fellow influential Filipina woman in their geographic area the following year after they receive their award. 

In addition, awardees are invited to sign up as a FEMtor and be part of developing our talent pipeline of next generation leaders. To sign up as a femtor, go to  More info about FEMtorMatch, go to

View previous issues of the FWN Magazine.


What is the selection process and criteria?

An Award Selection Committee is established to ensure that nominations can be reviewed consistently and fairly.

The Pinay Power 2020 mission is to identify a Filipina women leader in every sector of the economy through the Global FWN100 Awards™. Awardees will be selected to ensure that under-represented economic sectors are included. 30% of Awardees will be selected from the United States, 30% from the Philippines, and 40% from other countries. These percentages are based on the membership reach of the Filipina Women's Network currently.

A Global FWN100™ Selection Committee is established to ensure that nominations are reviewed fairly. Nominees are selected by a rigorous process which includes:

  1. The nominee's global Filipina imprint,
  2. A personal or panel interview,
  3. A review of the accurateness of the nomination submission, 
  4. Answers to the criteria questions,
  5. Social media and internet vetting, and
  6. A chat with her references and / or nominator.

The scoring has been set up to be consistent across the award categories. The Selection Committee will provide numerical scores for each of the following criteria described on the nomination form for activities and projects nominee may have initiated or have been involved in her country of residence around three factors:

Leadership: The degree to which the nominee led the initiative, project or activity, demonstrated by behaviors such as setting clear goals, providing guidance, coaching and support, working through obstacles and/or celebrating success.

Challenge: The scope, difficulty and size of the initiative, project or activity.

Ownership: The degree to which the nominee took ownership of the challenges she faced for the initiative, project or activity, demonstrated by behaviors such as helping define outcomes, setting clear goals, providing guidance, working through obstacles and communicating challenges and successes.

Awardees are selected and determined by averaging scores assigned by members of the Award Selection Committee to the following award criteria as described on the nomination form for activities and projects nominee have accomplished in her country of residence. 

  1. Impact - 15 points
  2. Innovation - 15 points
  3. Involvement - 15 points
  4. Femtorship (mentorship) - 15 points
  5. Professionalism - 15 points
  6. Sustainability (of activity or project she may have started or have been involved) - 15 points
  7. Bonus points for demonstrated global imprint  -  10 points

When selected, the nominees will be notified privately in advance of the Filipina Summit dates so they can be profiled in the publication of the FWN Magazine Global FWN100™ Souvenir Issue, allow for travel arrangements, time off from work, Filipina Leadership Global Summit registration, FWN membership and participation in the summit activities, sessions, photo / video interview sessions and media conferences.

The FINAL Awardee complete list will be announced at the Gala Awards Dinner and Ceremony at the Filipina Leadership Global Summit on October 25-29, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. Go to for Full-Access summit registration.


i was selected to receive the award and will not be able to attend the filipina summit, a requirement in the awarding process. May i defer receiving my award?

You may defer receiving your award only once (the current year of your selection). A new nomination will have to be submitted the following year of your deferment and the Selection Committee will contact you to determine if you continue to qualify and re-approve your selection.

If you're unable to attend the Filipina Summit again, you will not be eligible for re-nomination until the fourth year of your initial nomination year. 

Please note that you may not be nominated three consecutive years and defer receiving your award for two consecutive years.


Who are the members of the AWARD Selection Committee?

The Award Selection Committee includes senior community leaders, strategists, thought leaders, and previous FWN100™ Awardees. Committee members recuse themselves if they have a relationship with a nominee.


When is the deadline to submit nominations?

The nomination process for the 2017 awards is open now and will close on 10 September 2017 at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time.



Email fwn100 [at] or leave a voicemail at 1.415.935.4FWN (4396) with the best time and phone number to reach you.