Thank you for your interest in contributing your time, energy, and passion into making FWN’s 14th Annual Filipina Summit: Filipinas in Motion: Advocating. Impacting. Leading. a success! We are excited to learn more about Toronto's lifestyle, businesses and the many new trends in The 6. By joining the first FWN Summit in Canada, you are helping create a meaningful and memorable Filipina Summit for yourself and for all Summit attendees. 

We are hoping you, the volunteer will represent Toronto at its finest!

We are expecting over 300 people during the course of the Summit with events occurring at various locations around Toronto, Canada. In order to coordinate workflow and staffing schedules, please review the volunteer guidelines and expectations below. 

The Summit Volunteer Coordinator with contact you about your interest and availability shortly after you submit the volunteer form below. Questions? Email ffwn.fellow9 [at] ffwn [dot] org.

Volunteer Guidelines & Expectations


We prefer full-time volunteers who can commit to at least one continuous 8-10 hour volunteer shift. You can volunteer for as many 8-10 hour shifts as you can manage.

In addition to volunteer shifts during the Summit, volunteers shifts are also available in the weeks prior in order to prepare for the Summit.


Volunteers may be asked to fulfill one or more of the following roles during their volunteer shift:

Registration Staffing Coordinator (2):

  • Setting up or break-down of registration tables with appropriate materials
  • Hanging displays, banners and/or signs
  • Greeting and checking in summit attendees
  • Answering inquiries
  • Making sure attendees receive all pertinent registration materials, tote bags, FWN Magazines, V-Diaries, and meal tickets
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Pre-Summit Preparation Coordinator:

  • Preparing handouts and materials
  • Stuffing name badges, totebags, giveaways
  • Carrying and transporting boxes (up to 50 lbs.) (e.g., hand-outs, magazines, supplies, etc.)
  • Running short errands
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Secretariat Coordinator:

  • Opens and closes Secretariat
  • Ensures that the Secretariat is neat, clean and organized daily
  • Responsible for receiving deliveries for FWN
  • Responsible for ensuring that equipment and materials are organized and are inventoried daily
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Learning Journey Coordinator: 

  • Monitoring shuttle bus for off-site events
  • Making sure shuttle buses are clean and equipped with waste bin
  • Handing out bottled water to attendees and microphones between speakers
  • Coordinating stops, routes and schedule with bus driver and Programs Coordinator
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Pinay Speed Femtoring Coordinator:

  • Helping with room set up (ensuring that hotel's water pitchers/ glasses, writing pads and pencils/ pens are on table)
  • Room set up: Setting up tables with award categories table tents
  • Assisting speakers during sessions
  • Directing attendees to open seats
  • Directing awardees to their award category tables
  • Collecting session evaluation forms
  • Directing traffic flow between sessions
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

A/V Coordinator:

  • Prepare presentations' cue sheets
  • Ensure that FWN PPT is looped at the pre-session and during breaks
  • Ensure speakers' PowerPoints are loaded into laptop
  • Ensure that awardee PPT
  • Ensure that speaker's microphones work
  • Ensure that music is cued when to play
  • Coordinate and schedule tech rehearsals
  • Coordinate stage lighting set ups for sessions, Gala and TVM
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Speaker and Session Coordinators (2):

    • Ensure that all speakers know their speaking schedules
    • Collect speakers' PPT presentations and turn over to A/V Coordinator
    • Stage set-up: Ensure that backdrop, microphones, speaker seats are strategically placed and that water glasses are set on small coffee/ side tables
    • Welcome and assist speakers before, during, and after sessions
    • Collect copy of keynote speeches
    • Timer: Ensure speakers begin and end on time by flashing time signs (2, 1, STOP)
    • Manage speaker gifts to be given to CEO and President for gifting
    • Helping with room set up (ensuring that hotel's water pitchers/ glasses, writing pads and pencils/ pens are on table)
    • Directing attendees to open seats
    • Directing awardees to their award category tables
    • Collecting session evaluation forms
    • Directing traffic flow between sessions
    • Ensure bathrooms close to session rooms are clean
    • Coordinate with the hotel staff
    • Announce before session fire exit locations and bathrooms
    • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Global FWN100™ Awardee and VIP Guest Coordinators (2): 

  • Supporting VIP guests and Global100 awardees
  • Informing CEO, staff and board members when VIP guests arrive
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Sponsor Coordinator: 

  • Assisting sponsors with exhibit displays
  • Ensuring that marketing banners for sponsors are on display
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

FWN Magazine Coordinator:

  • Assist FWN Magazine Editor with design and editing tasks (must have relevant skillset)
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

FWN100™ Awards Ceremony Gala and Dinner Coordinators (2):

  • Unpack crystal awards and check names engraved
  • Bring crystal awards and boxes to ballroom 2-3 hours before Gala dinner set up.
  • Set up FWN banners and sponsor banners next to registration desk and near the entrance doors to the ballroom
  • Coordinate with banquet staff set up media backdrop and red carpet outside of ballroom.
  • Make sure the entrance doors to the ballroom are closed. Wait for signal to open.
  • Set up crystal awards table (stage left), grouped into award categories; group awards alphabetical by first name per award category
  • Set up crystal awards boxes (stage right), grouped into award categories; group awards alphabetical by first name per award category
  • Set up dinner tables with table numbers, name cards, Sponsor table tents, Special table tents. Refer to Gala seating chart as your guide.
  • Assisting with centerpieces and set-up with Decoration Coordinator
  • Country flags set up (flag stands) on stage: priority United States, Canada, and Philippines. Make sure to check protocol for flag set up.
  • Coordinate set up of country flags (flag stands) alphatically stage left and stage right represented by awardees, if available.
  • 2 podiums to be set up at both ends of the stage: if only one podium available, set podium stage right
  • Cover front of podium with FWN logo sign
  • Standing microphone to be set up in the middle of the stage
  • Coordinate with banquet manager to make sure meal tickets are collected by wait staff during Gala Awards Dinner
  • Coordinate awardee photo-op and video-op with Photographer & Videographer Coordinator
  • Manage gala giveaways (gift, FWN Magazine, and V-Diaries)
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Photographer & Videographer Coordinators (3):

    • Point of Contact for photographer and videographer during Time Capsule Photo and Video Sessions
    • Manage photo and video schedules
    • Coordinating group photo coverage of VIPs, speakers, and BOD at Summit general sessions
    • Coordinating photo/ video coverage
  • GALA
    • Coordinating red carpet and media backdrop photo-ops during pre- and post-Gala
    • Coordinating pre-Gala group photo of awardees (Green Room and VIP Reception)
    • Coordinating Award Category group photo during the pre-Gala (Green Room)
    • Coordinating photo coverage during Award presentations of each awardee
    • Coordinating photo coverage of ballroom, pre-, during, and post-Gala
    • Coordinating post-Gala group photo of awardees (Chairs readily available to be set up on and below the stage)
    • Coordinating photo coverage pre-, during, and post- of The Vagina Monologues
    • Coordinating pre- and post- group photo of TVM cast and crew
    • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Social Media Coordinator:

  • Highlight and document all summit sessions, learning journey, activities and special events on FWN's social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using appropriate hashtags: #FWNSummit2017, #GlobalPinayPower, #FilipinaDISRUPTER, #VWarrior
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

Press Coordinator:

  • Identify and welcome accredited media
  • Manage FWN Media Kit
  • Manage authorized Awardees/ BOD for interviews
  • Manage images for media download
  • Assist accredited media on-site
  • Provide media with social media platforms and hastags: #FWNSummit2017, #GlobalPinayPower, #FilipinaDISRUPTER, #VWarrior
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

DISRUPT Books Set Up and FWN Posters Coordinator (2):

  • Set-up book signing tables, banners, posters
  • Staff book sales table
  • Collect book orders
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

The Vagina Monologues Project Crew (4: 2 backstage, 2 front-of-house):

  • Set-up banners, posters, and V-Diaries magazine
  • Sale of FWN V-Day brand items
  • Usher VIPs to VIP seating
  • Usher attendees to empty seats
  • Assists with cast's needs backstage
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary

The above is not an exhaustive list. In a large conference like the Summit, certain tasks may come up that need to be addressed quickly. We ask volunteers to be flexible and open with the kinds of tasks they are assigned.

Volunteers are asked to notify Summit staff if they are unable to complete specific tasks due to certain limitations. For example, we ask that volunteers indicate whether they are unable to lift items heavier than 20-50 lbs. or whether they are unable to sit (or stand) for long periods of time.


Volunteers should wear business casual attire with comfortable shoes. Volunteers may be standing and/or walking during a volunteer shift so dress comfortably but professionally.

Wear your name badge at all times. Wear a small cross-body shoulder bag to fit your cell phone and other items such as your ID, Summit schedule, business cards, a pen, post-it notes, small and thin notebook, etc.

No jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, sneakers, or flip-flops, please.


Volunteers should demonstrate experience with MS Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and GoogleDocs. Preferred knowledge and experience in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Volunteers are asked to familiarize themselves about the 14th Annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit: Filipinas in Motion: Advocating. Impacting. Leading. and the Filipina Women’s Network (FWN). Please visit the FWN website at http://www.FilipinaWomensNetwork.org and the Filipina Summit website at http://filipinasummit.org for an overview about FWN and the Summit. Be sure to read over FWN's mandates and programs here: http://www.filipinawomensnetwork.org/about-fwn/, especially the Pinay Speed Femtoring.

Summit guests will expect volunteers to know about Summit events and sessions and about FWN. Instead of “I don’t know”, a better response is “Let me get you the answer”. Print the latest Summit schedule, and carry with you at all times during a volunteer shift for reference as needed.

The Summit schedule will also be available via smartphone or tablet at http://filipinasummit.org/schedule


While we do need volunteers to bring their best skills to our team, we know that some also use the FWN Leadership Summit volunteer experience to explore, network, learn, and/or develop certain skills. We call these volunteers "FWN Interns".

We have a limited number of slots that allow FWN Interns to attend portions of the Summit in exchange for volunteering.

In exchange for attending one full day of the Summit, we ask FWN Interns to commit to a total of 16 hours.

There is no limit to how much of the Summit a scholar-volunteer can attend as long as she volunteers for the equivalent number of volunteer shifts. For example, to attend 2 full days of the Summit, the volunteer time commitment is 32 hours.

Requirements & Limitations

  • FWN Interns must complete their volunteer time commitment prior to attending any Summit sessions. For example, to attend Summit sessions on Thursday, FWN Interns must complete their time commitment by Wednesday.
  • Attendance is limited to full Summit days. No per-session or per-event attendance on different days is allowed. 


Be sure to get connected with us on social media:


  • Follow FWN, share and like Summit-related posts: @filipinawomen
  • Use #FWNSummit2017 #GlobalPinayPower #FilipinaDISRUPTER #VWarrior



  • Post about FWN's Filipina Summit on your LinkedIn page at least 3x before October 20.



By completing the Volunteer form, you agree to the following:

  • Arrive at your designated volunteer location(s) 45 minutes before your volunteer shift and check-in with the volunteer coordinator, pick up your name badge, understand your volunteer tasks, check for any updates to the Summit schedule and for any other critical information you need to know.
  • Serve out your volunteer shift time commitment in its entirety.
  • Abide by the Volunteer Guidelines as outlined above.
  • Uphold the values, philosophy, and purposes of the Filipina Women’s Network and the 14th Filipina Leadership Global Summit: Filipinas in Motion: Leading. Advocating. Impacting.
  • If applicable, reimburse FWN for the cost of your Summit attendance if you attended Summit sessions/events but you were a no-show to your volunteer shift, cancelled your volunteer time commitment or failed to complete any part of your volunteer time commitment. You will be billed and an invoice will be sent to you. See http://ffwn.org/event-2323316 for associated fees.
  • Attend the one-time mandatory volunteer orientation session at 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 19. Email ffwn.fellow9 [at] ffwn [dot] org to find the meeting location.

If you understand and agree to the above Volunteer Guidelines & Expectations, please complete the online Volunteer Form provided below.