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Time Capsule Questionnaire


Congratulations and Mabuhay!

This is your Time Capsule Awardee Questionnaire for the 2019 FWN Magazine Commemorative Issue. It features all the 2019 Global FWN100™ Awardees, previous awardees attending the 2019 Filipina Summit, the Summit Schedule and other articles about Filipina women in the diaspora.

The FWN Magazine is lovingly produced by an all-volunteer editorial and production team. To avoid production delays and ensure error-free publication of your personal information, please have ALL information requested ready before completing this form.

Thank you for your leadership in helping FWN develop next generation Pinay leaders!


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You are ready to submit your FWN Magazine information if you have done the following:

  1. You signed and initialed all pages of your Global FWN100™ Terms and Acceptance, and sent it to (or replied to your Award Notification Letter).

  2. Joined FWN — If not, join here - or renew your dues; or upgrade to LIFETIME Member level at

  3. Registered for the Full Access Summit Pass. If not, register here -

  4. Reserved your hotel room when you registered for the Filipina Summit

  5. Secured your air travel information. We will need your travel itinerary on this form.

  6. Signed up as a Femtor —

INFO we need from Global FWN100™ awardees for 2019:

  1. Your NAME as you want it engraved on your crystal award

  2. Respond to questionnaire below - this is the FUN part!

  3. Your bio in 150 words or less. Please honor this requirement. We don't have a lot of space!

  4. IMPORTANT: Your updated professional headshot - digital color photo in JPEG format; 300 DPI resolution. Use a photo editor if necessary. You can find online photo editors at

  5. LABEL your photo and bio with your full name: like this - [FIRST_LASTNAME] - for example, MARILY_MONDEJAR - We receive so many photos and we want to make sure that the photo we feature matches your name!



  1. Your article has to be an uploadable text document (e.g., a MS Word document). Label your document with the title of the article and your name. 300 words maximum (honor this word limit, please)

  2. Any digital photos or images (300 DPI resolution, JPEG format) to accompany your article. Please label the photos and input the captions on the space provided. Maximum two photos/images that expands the essence of your article.

  3. Your article should be about the 16th Filipina Global Leadership Summit theme - Be. Magnificent. AMPLIFYING Filipina Women Voices. Learn more at

  4. Please know that we do not guarantee publication of your article as space is based on advertising support received. If your article does not make the magazine, we will consider featuring it in the ePahayagan.



Types of Advertising to consider for submission:

  1. Congratulatory Ad

  2. Ad to promote your business to show support for Filipina women

  3. Ad to show support for FWN's anti-violence campaign to end violence against women and girls and the production of The Vagina Monologues in Paris

FOR AD SUBMISSION, make sure that you comply with the following specs:

  1. Your ad is in camera-ready PDF format.

  2. Email your ad to with the SUBJECT: Ad submission.

  3. Payment has been submitted.



When you fill out the form, 

  • Do NOT use all CAPS. Use upper/lower case as you normally type. Thanks!

  • What you input on this form will get published, as you've written it. Please be mindful of grammar, syntax and spelling.

  • Make sure the photo and document you upload through the form is properly labeled with your full name: like this - FIRST_LASTNAME - for example, MARILY_MONDEJAR

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