PinayTalks: Extraordinary Voices

Short, powerful stories about our personal or professional lives.  

The Filipina Diaspora—the power of telling our professional stories. Global FWN100™ Awardees share their passion for issues important to women and the Filipina community worldwide.

Previous attendees have found this session meaningful and provides a foundation for new friendships.  

Deadline to submit your proposal on this form is BEFORE 30 July 2018, 11: 59 pm PST.

IMPORTANT: You have to be registered for the Filipina Summit in order to be considered as a speaker/presenter. 


Topics should incorporate the #2018FWNSummit theme:

  1. SUCCESS: your leadership story.
    Sample topics:

    • Climbing The Corporate Ladder: avoiding the potholes
    • Shattering the Glass Ceiling in Business
    • What Does Success Mean
    • Success: Fake it till you make it
    • Being Corporate Savvy
    • Failing Which Inspired Me To Lead
  2. SIGNIFICANCE: amplifying your influence; publicly supporting or suggesting an idea, a development, or a way of doing something.
    Sample topics:
    • How I Found My Voice
    • A Fiipina in Europe: laughing my way to the bank
    • Social Entrepreneurship: sounds good but is it really?
    • Fighting for the Good, the Helpless, the Disadvantaged
    • Advancing Your Position Through Public Service
  3. RELEVANCE: being connected; the degree to which something is related or useful to what is happening or being talked about or important to today's issues: the impression made by an idea, cultural movement, social group; meaning roughly 'relevance to social concerns', such as racial equality, gender equality, equal pay, poverty, social justice, world hunger, world economic development.
    Sample topics:
    • Getting Results, Inspiring My Team, Spreading The Passion For My Work
    • I Am Who I Am: how I swayed people to believe in what I do
    • Been There, Done That: A Social Movement For Baby Boomers
    • Crafting My Image; My Business; My Community
    • Relevance: Why Filipina Women Need To Get That Elusive Seat At The Leadership Table


  1. Presentation story length: 8 minutes. You will be held to a strict time limit and your presentation will be stopped if you go over. It is important to rehearse and time your talk.
  2. Choose your story topic. Speak from the heart. Choose an idea or topic that you feel passionate about, showing us the authentic YOU. Focus on an aspect of your life story not the entire family history. Try not to read your talk but we don't want you to ramble either. So it is important to rehearse your talk. 

    There will be NO promotions or sales pitches of your organization, product or service. No fundraising either. Your presentation will be stopped if you do this.

    Note that effective story telling has a beginning, a middle and an end.
  3. Choose your presentation format. You can include song, poetry, spoken word, rap, dance, etc. or plain old PPT slides to make your presentation effective. You can also play an instrument if this will make your presentation more fun or to reinforce a key point. Rehearsing your presentation is strongly suggested.
  4. Please note that we plan to videotape your presentation.
  5. Lastly, let us know what instruments you are bringing and your A/V requirements. 

    FWN will have a screen, LCD projector, laptop, microphones and sound system on-site.

    If you are bringing musical instruments, you will be responsible for your technical requirements. There's an A/V company on-site, and we can connect you with them. Additional costs are on your own. For example, if you want to play the piano, it's your own responsibility to secure it and to get the piano tuned. However, if you bring an electric piano or cello, these instruments can be connected to the sound system at low-cost.

Preparing for PinayTalks

  1. Attire:  Business casual. Please wear your FWN name badge (at all times); required to board shuttle and entry to all summit educational sessions and off-site special events.
  2. Contribution:  Included in All-Access Summit Pass registration
  3. We will send you a Speaker Confirmation by 15 August 2018 if your presentation is accepted.
  4. Once accepted and you have a PPT presentation or video to show at Pinay Talks, submit your presentation before 30 August 2018, 11: 59pm PST. Send to with the SUBJECT: Pinay Talks [YOUR NAME].