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Previous US FWN100™ and Global FWN100™ Awardees may be re-nominated every year if awardee has a demonstrated continuing influential work in her workplace AND local community. There are two award levels: 

  1. When selected the second time, awardee will receive the Continuing Influential Global FWN100™Award.

  2. The third time awardee is selected, she will be inducted into the FWN Hall of Fame, receive the Global FWN100™ Always Influential Award and will no longer qualify for further nominations.

Self-nominations are not accepted for these two award levels. 

References and evidence of influential activities will be vetted and reviewed.  

Previous awardees are encouraged to nominate their fellow awardees for either of these two awards. Selection will be based on how previous awardee has advanced the mission of the Filipina Women's Network and supported its activities worldwide.

Before submitting a 2nd or 3rd nomination for a previous Global FWN100™ Awardee, determine actions the nominee has taken to further FWN's Mission.

To assist you in preparing your nomination, you may download a PDF of the nomination form to use as your reference as you prepare your answers and documents. Note that only online nominations will be reviewed.



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