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FEMtorMatch™ is the Filipina Women's Network's strategy for developing next generation Filipina women leaders through local and global partnerships between female mentors, FEMtors™, and female mentees, FEMtees™.


 FEMtorMatch™ provides structured one-on-one mentoring that harnesses the power of the Internet to broaden and deepen the reach of traditional mentoring. Thus, both FEMtors™ and FEMtees™ can reside anywhere in the world. More info: www.femtormatch.org

Filipina Leadership Global Summit

Spread your message to Filipina women professionals who gather at FWN's annual summit.  Summit-related opportunities include:

  • Summit Schedule Online – Your banner ad reaches attendees as they plan their summit experience.

  • Exhibit booth space – Meet conference attendees face-to-face!

  • Summit sponsorship program – Numerous opportunities for branding exposure and support of FWN's Annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit, everything from coffee breaks to the awards banquet to General Session keynotes. Sponsorship levels for every marketing budget!

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The Vagina Monologues Production – Spread your message that your organization supports an end to violence against women and girls. With the current #MeToo Movement, it is now more critical and imperative that we partner to help raise awareness the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. The all-women production empowers women through empathy, especially the experiences of young and vulnerable brown or black women. The sponsorship opportunities include:

  • V-Day FWN webpage – Your banner ad reaches patrons as they participate as cast members or attend the performance

  • Exhibit booth space at the performances

  • Production expenses