FWN 11th Filipina Leadership Global Summit | Disrupt logo design by Lucille Tenazas (Global FWN100 '13)

FWN 11th Filipina Leadership Global Summit | Disrupt logo design by Lucille Tenazas (Global FWN100 '13)


Are you a #FilipinaDisrupter?

Filipina women are the ultimate global disrupters. They disrupted their lives—families and careers—when they left their home country to immigrate to foreign lands and re-invent their lives.

They disrupted their organizations as they became achievers in their professional fields and broke "glass ceilings". They disrupted the business landscape when they innovated products, improved or created services that impacted the lives of women and the citizenry. 

They disrupted their communities as they became strong advocates for social issues that affected their families especially their children.

They disrupted the political world when they ran for elected office representing causes benefiting local communities or became political insiders as valued advisors of the elected officials they work for. 

Second generation leaders who were raised in bi-cultural or multi-cultural families are the true disrupters. Growing up confused they learned to embrace eastern and western values and traditions. They challenged themselves by defining their new identities as they navigated their way in their schools and the workplace. They developed new paradigms to managing conflict and broke antiquated rules to spark thoughtful conversations that the 21st century is about embracing all things multi-cultural.

Filipina women do not back down—once they make up their minds that they will get behind a cause or an issue that will change how we live or aim for that promotion or leadership position—they don't stop. They're tenacious. They're firm. They're forceful. And they don't give up. We are the Filipina Disrupters. Are you?

Learn how to become a Filipina Disrupter. Or if you already are … share your experience, open the way for others, and re-learn new tactics that many of our attendees have sharpened through the years. Be there. We want you to be PROUD. LOUD. And leave no DOUBT of the leadership capabilities of Filipina women.

I am a #FilipinaDisrupter.



Video credits: Elizabeth Chan, Genevieve Jopanda, Marily Mondejar

The Filipina Women's Network's annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit is the leading leadership forum of its kind. The Filipina Women's Network brings together Filipina women global leaders, influencers, thinkers and public figures for workshops, discussions, "kwentuhan" and private chats to ignite cooperation through public and private partnerships.

The high-powered gathering is a vital part of FWN's Pinay Power 2020 Mission: A Filipina leader in every sector of the economy.

Filipina women—an untapped source for leadership—at a time when economic, social and political challenges demand new levels of talent and innovation. FWN provides Filipina professionals—decision makers in leading industries—a network of peers who dare to disrupt the landscape of leadership in today's global workplace.

The Filipina Leadership Global Summit is more than a field trip, symposium or forum. It is a Learning Journey which immerses us in the reality and long-range implications of the politics of developing our career and business portfolios.

These experiences enable us to deepen, accelerate, and internalize our own learnings about the complexities of how to get ahead, how to assess our current career or business situation, how to advocate for what we want, and a deep understanding of the issues that influence Filipina women globally.

Learning Journeys reflect our conviction that the most powerful learning occurs through interaction and sharing of experiences, visits to sites where business and product innovation happen, and not from books, lectures or speeches. 


  • Professional & Business Track
    • Keynote: Disruptive Leadership
    • Make Me A Filipina Billionaire
    • Make Me A Filipina CEO
    • Filipinas in STEAM Careers
    • What It Takes To Become A Global Leader
  • Personal Track
    • Issues Filipina Women Face Globally
    • FEMtorMatch: Speed Femtoring
    • "Kwentuhan" - the power of telling our personal and community stories
    • Pinay Talks
    • Life Planning: What do you want to do for the rest of your life?
  • Cultural Track
    • Malacañang Palace
    • Shaping the Filipina Pop Culture Image
    • Learning Journeys to select Philippine organizations
    • Doing Business in the Philippines
    • Uniquely Transnational: Design, Food, Politics, & Social Media
    • Filipina Marketplace - social enterprises founded by women
  • Global FWN100™ Gala Awards Celebration: Announcement of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World™—a historic gathering of 100 Filipina Voices changing the face of leadership in the world. 
  • Post-Summit Journeys (optional)
    • Humanitarian Trip: Rebuild Tacloban
    • Palawan @ El Nido

For the latest summit schedule, go to -http://2014summitschedule.filipinawomensnetwork.org/

All-Access Summit registration includes:

  • All educational sessions at the FLGS (Oct 5 thru 8)
  • Shuttle to off-site Learning Journeys
  • Meals as indicated on the day-to-day FLGS summit schedule
  • Global FWN100™ Gala Awards Celebration and Dinner
  • FOR Global FWN100™ AWARDEES ONLY: individual video and photo sessions on Oct 6 Monday and Oct 7 Tuesday. Your video/photo schedules will be booked upon payment of Full-Access summit registration fees.
  • Press Conference: Launch of the FWN Filipina Leadership Book
  • Register now and early to take advantage of low rates.